I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Federal Way City Council.  I look forward to advocating for the citizens of Federal Way.  Let me share my thoughts regarding what I consider priorities for my term on the City Council:

Safe Neighborhoods:

With my 30-plus years’ worth of experience in the civil/criminal justice system, I have an established background to help make our community safe.  With the rise in crime, mail and property theft, forced burglaries and shootings, I will push for increased well-placed surveillance cameras and increased manned patrols resulting in quicker response time by the police department.  There are more pressing issues than a “NEW CITY LOGO,” i.e., addressing the growing homeless population, et cetera.

The Performing Arts & Events Center (PAEC):

I will work to ensure that the PAEC becomes and remains profitable and doesn’t become a white elephant that will end up on the tax rolls for the residents of Federal Way to bail out. 

Moratorium on Apartments:

The situation of over abundance of apartments in comparison to single family homes including condominiums has resulted in a financial imbalance for our schools.  It has been reported that that balance is somewhere in the neighborhood of 57%.  For a healthy tax base to support our educational system that number experts say should be below 50%.  I will offer this study developed by National Multifamily Housing Council, http://www.nmhc.org/Content.aspx?id=4708 that shows national trends.

I will support a moratorium until the percentages come into line with what experts feel is proper to ensure that our social services, such as school, police and fire protections, costs are met.

Increasing Fees and/or any Taxes:

As your City Councilman, I will insist that City Hall hold stakeholder sessions before any fees are increased; that any tax increases will be on a ballot to be approved by the voters of Federal Way.

A Strong Advocate for Businesses, small and large:

As a business owner and member of the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce as well as the Association of Washington Business, I will act as a watchdog for impacts on business, either good or negative.  I will work to increase the volume and interaction between City Hall and the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce.   Most recently, I testified in favor of HB 2005, 2017-18, which will allow all businesses to file for all licenses and endorsement online, one-stop shopping, via the State Department of Revenue.  This may allow cities like Federal Way to repurpose FTE hours to other useful purposes.  UPDATE:  HB 2005, 2017-18 passed unanimously!!

As a person who has worked on behalf of my two state-wide professional organizations, as well as the Federal Way Coalition Against Trafficking, the Association of Washington Generals, I am infinitely familiar with our State Government, Executive, Legislative as well as Judicial.  I have successfully passed legislation and halted egregious amendments to the Civil and Criminal Court Rules.  As your City Councilman, I will have a recognizable voice in Olympia.

City Council Structure: 

It is my opinion that City Council members should be elected from the areas in which they live and be numbered districts 1 through 7; how the Federal Way Public School Board is elected.  A number of Washington cities have this type of municipal government structure and it works well.

Sea-Tac International Airport and noise problems.

My home sits just off the direct flight path of arriving and departing commercial aircraft at Sea-Tac International Airport.  There are days when my wife and I feel we're sitting at the end of an aircraft carrier, the planes are low and loud.  As your city councilor, I will work with the Port of Seattle to ensure that noise is mitigated as much as possible and takeoff and landing heights are appropriate. There are a number of studies out that support that disturbed sleeping patterns cause many mental health issues.  Many residents feel that this is a problem that has been exacerbated by the addition of the 3rd runway.

Personal background:

I have been married for 40 years to Karla Warnke Flygare, the father of one and the grandfather of two grandchildren ages two and four.  I have owned and operated two legal service agencies for over 30 years, currently located in Federal way, performing services under contract for the State of Washington and the Federal Government (GSA).  My wife and I also own a property management business.  I am a Vietnam Veteran and serve as Judge Advocate General and Service Officer for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1741 in Auburn, helping veterans and active duty military with legal and medical issues. 

I am currently the Immediate Past President & Commanding General of the Association of Washington Generals, which is a legislatively authorized non-profit which operates under the Lt. Governor’s Office, as well as the President of the Washington Shorthand Freelance Reporters Association.  I have been an active supporter of nonprofits in Federal Way, i.e., F.U.S.I.O.N, the Day Care Center, the Kiwanis, the Federal Way Coalition Against Trafficking, the Federal Way Farmers Market, the Knutzen Family Theater Dumas Bay Centre, as well as the Police and Fire Departments.

I ask for your valuable vote in August and in November ~ thank you, Roger Flygare for Federal Way City Council #6


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